In March 2012, we visited the Netherlands and Belgium for our first European vacation while living in Norway.  We squeezed in quite a few cities during our holiday, and for the three days we were in Belgium we saw Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent.  Here are some of the finer details..

Where we stayed in Brussels: Hotel Marivaux (1) in Brussels

How we got around Brussels: We entered Brussels via train from Amsterdam and used the same Central (2) station for our trips to Ghent and Bruges - easy walking distance from hotel.  The same trains also stopped at Midi (3) station on the way.  We bought train tickets in advance for Bruges, but decided last minute to go to Ghent and bought tickets at the station.  We actually preferred this since trains run often between the cities and we didn't have to worry about missing a particular transfer.  To get to the airport for our departure, we walked from the hotel to the Nord (4) station where trains to Luchthaven Airport run every 15 minutes.

Our favorite sites in Brussels: We always enjoy the city walk in our Rick Steves books and his Brussels guide was no exception.  We toured around the Grand Place (5), the Warandepark and Palais Royal (6), Mannekin Pis (7), and the fish market around St. Catherine's (8).  The one place we didn't make it to was the EU Parliament (9).

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