Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Bike Ride

It was a pretty normal Saturday today.  The house was straightened and Jeffrey cut bananas to put in my cereal (I love that).  We ran a few errands - Ikea and Coop Obs (the Norway version of Lowes) and met some new friends for lunch at our favorite new spot Ostehuset (Cheese House - need I say more?). We walked home in the sun, not a care in the world. Then BAM.

Jeff realized that our parking pass expires soon. Scratch that. It expires today! This normally wouldn't be cause for too much alarm except public parking is very expensive near our house (I'm talking 8/hr, people!) and there's no point in risking it because I swear the parking police hide in the bushes just to give us tickets (we've had two...ick) so leaving it wasn't an option.  After cursing the parking office for not being open on a Saturday, we decide to just drive our car to work and take the train back.  Better yet, we decide to bike back!  Four miles. FOUR. I don't bike all that much. In fact, I wasn't even sure if my cruiser could take it.

Jeffrey made sure my helmet was all snug and then we began our trek.  Some parts weren't fun - hills, gravel, the child that sped past me going up the gravely hill leaving me huffing and puffing in his dust...  But then there was the mountains, and the fjords, and the early blooming flowers, and Jeffrey doing zig zags ahead of me so I could catch up. It was one of those stressful situations that turned into a fun afternoon.  And I liked it.

Don't I look so very stylish on my cruiser? Favorite accessory - reflective ankle band.

When we got home, we tossed the ball for Pistol.  And he liked it, too.

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