Monday, October 8, 2012

A Norwegian Autumn

Our first fall in Norway has brought lots of rain, chillier temperatures and impending darkness (we are now losing 5 minutes of sunlight in both the mornings and evening), but it has also brought beautiful fall foliage and a sense of coziness to our warm, small home.  The weather can be deceiving since it often rains while the sun is shining, but we took advantage of a break in the clouds and headed to the Rogaland Arboretum.

Rogaland Arboretum
Rogaland Arboretum

It was on our walk that I finally felt Autumn - that excitement of this festive season with its crisp air, warm fires, and comfort foods.  Too bad I can't find any pumpkin spice candles to really bring on the season..  Our Norwegian friends have never heard of them and I had a bit of trouble trying to describe the smell since they had also never eaten a pumpkin pie... looks like I should learn to make one! And chocolate pecan pie.  Oh, and apple pie.

I'm still trying to figure out Halloween here.  Not that I would go trick-or-treating (or knep-eller-knask-ing in Norwegian) especially since I'm still confused and a little upset every time I put a piece of Norwegian candy in my mouth.  I just haven't acquired the taste for salt coated black licorice yet and it seems like EVERY candy is a variation of this combo - yikes!  This amuses my coworkers and they always bring me more candy to try like Dunder Salts or Turkish Peppers.  I put on my brave face and always try them, but I can barely last more than 30 seconds before I have to spit it out.  I've tried to explain the bliss of eating a Reese's Cup, but again find my description of their taste to be severely uninspiring judging by their skeptical faces.  Another thing to find and share (and surely they will like them more than I like Dunder Salt!).

I hope you are also enjoying these early days of fall!

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  1. The colors of the leaves in contrast with the vibrant green of the grass are beautiful. I can't believe no pumpkin pie. What a shame. You could make your own bouquet of spices to boil on the stove for that wonderful fall smell:) love you