Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - Hiking Made Easy

Our appreciation for the outdoors has reached new levels since living in Norway.  We may still be a little particular about the weather (our Norwegian friends don't let a drenching rain or gale-force winds keep them inside), but when it's sunny you can bet that Jeffrey and I are looking for a new area to explore.

Enter:  a one-stop shop for all of our hiking inspiration.  The site also added the translation functionality so it's even easier to use!  I usually just go over to the map, make sure Turforslag is checked and peruse the options.  The little flags take you to information on that particular hike like its difficulty, how to get there, and what you'll see along the way.  

I just love maps.

On new year's day, this hike caught my eye. So Jeffrey and I packed up the dog, some snacks, and headed for Egersund.  

One thing to remember while hiking in January - the sun sets at 3PM.  So there's really no time to dilly dally.  If only we had remembered that when we started.

Instead, we tried to impress each other with feats of brute strength...

Or kept looking impossibly fluffy and adorable so many stops HAD to be made for pictures...

Or just enjoyed the January sun's faint warmth and unusual brightness on our faces so that a long sit on the rocks was not only mandatory but thoroughly enjoyed.  Sometimes just a little sunshine can make us (me) feel incredibly happy.

But, wait! Sundown? How far away is the car? Luckily, I have this guy to guide me.

Except he led us right into a rushing river.

Ok, so maybe it wasn't a river. But it was still a formidable obstacle.  Good thing I long jumped in high school :)  And after a freak hail shower and impending darkness, we made it full circle with enough time to wash Pistol in a little stream before we took off. I'm sure he appreciated that too.

So, if you're ever in Norway and want to know where to hike, check out!  But good luck finding a guide as cute as mine..


  1. Once again the pictures are gorgeous. I miss you all.

  2. Hey Audrey - do you have an email you can be contacted at? I'm a Canadian who recently moved to Stavanger and would love to connect!

    1. Hi Erin - welcome to Stavanger! I didn't realize that my email address was hidden, but it's not anymore - you can see it in my blogger profile now :) Looking forward to hearing from you!