Sunday, February 12, 2012


We had such a low-key weekend, and I loved it. I spent Friday evening at a colleague's house for a pot-luck dinner.  I made The Pioneer Woman's Fig Prosciutto Pizza and everyone really enjoyed it (or were just being very polite... I'll take either).  PS I did not think to take pictures because of the slight state of chaos the kitchen was in - and a special thank you to Jeffrey for having it all clean by the time I got home (he's the best).  Even though I was the only American and the only one who didn't speak Norwegian, this group instantly made me feel welcome and comfortable.  Hopefully, I can host something similar in our new (old) house!

Speaking of the house, we are having our goods delivered on Wednesday! Finally! This of course meant that Saturday was spent doing a little preparation for our move. We took a few things from our apartment over, claimed closets, and shopped for curtains.  Thank goodness for an Ikea being just down the road - the curtains we bought came with a hemming strip that allowed me to create the perfect length.  A big feat for me as I am not very crafty. At all.  What's most important is that they block out the light because during summer it is only dark from 11PM-4AM - I am mentally preparing now.

We also went by the Coop Obs (aka Norway Lowes) and bought firewood.  In hindsight, we may have been a little too excited about having a fireplace because we bough a lot of wood. But at $10 a bag when NOTHING in Norway is every just $10, how could we refuse?  So we hauled it all home and stacked it in our dungeon..err basement.

Pistol looks a little concerned..

Sunday was a beautiful day, and we spent part of it outside on a walk near Somarka - just south of Stavanger.  Its very wooded and still has quite a bit of snow on the ground.  Pistol loved it, of course!
This was about as still as we could get him - he love jumping around in the snow.

Self-timer perfection, if I do say so

My boyfriends
Wish us luck this week! I'll be coordinating the move while Jeff is in water survival training which encompasses helicopter crash simulations and a dip in the North Sea. I think I'd rather deal with the move...

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