Tuesday, February 21, 2012


We made it... somehow, we made it through last week!  You may think I'm just talking about the move and while that played a huge role in last week's chaos, we also got our bank accounts, bought our car, rode the train to and from work for the first time, Jeff survived his swim in the North Sea, AND we managed to get all of the boxes unpacked.  Phew, I'm tired just thinking about it.

The move actually went fairly smooth, especially if I don't think about how Jeff and I sawed the legs off a piece of furniture because it was just too tall.  That wouldn't have been too bad except that the saw broke on the fourth leg so we had to karate kick it off.  But it worked! I didn't think to grab my camera at that time (too busy cheering on Jeff's next kick) but, at the encouragement of my sister, I did take some pictures of the house before we had everything put away.  These should make some good before and after pics.

I am so pleased with how everything has turned out and can't wait to share the "after" pictures.  

Just wanted to give an update on Pistol boy as well, since so many people ask about him.  He loves his new home too and likes to perch by the fire when its lit.  But of course he misses all of you too!

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