Friday, May 25, 2012

Mom Visits Norway!

To my adoring fans (aka family) I'm sorry for my long absence!  Between our trip to London and this weekend, we have experienced some of the best and worst weather that Norway has to offer all while introducing our new home to our first three visitors!

Acting as host and hostess has kept Jeff and I on our toes and has made us realize that we have really come a long way in adjusting to our life here.

  • The bathroom window is uncovered and right by the glass shower?  No matter, people can only see your face unless they try really hard to see more (we've tested this).  
  • Need to do some laundry?  Watch your head as you crawl into our "dungeon".  
  • Hands dirty?  Try not to scald yourself because that water can get H.O.T. 
  • Oh, and those people outside with their cameras turned toward the house?  Those are just our friendly, temporary neighbors from the huge cruise ship docked at the harbor.
My mom was our very first visitor AND it was her first time to Europe! She is the perfect first guest because of her "what could be bad about this? I'm in Europe" attitude.  Good thing she was so positive too as gale force winds threatened to blow her back to Oklahoma.

Luckily, her second day was decent and allowed us a pleasurable hike to Manafossen and Man Farm.  Mom is always prepared and had bought hiking shoes before her visit and she was so glad she did!  Warm, dry feet make a girl happy.  She also used those chains like a champ (though, she was admittedly intimidated at first) and completed her first Norwegian hike in high spirits.

Since it was her first time to Europe, we made the most of it and spent a few days in Paris.  Not one of our hardest decisions!  

Even though this was my third time to visit, I always find something new that I love about this city.  This time it was the food*.  I know, I know - how did I not experience great food the first two times?  Answer: tour groups and college budget.  Don't go to Paris on a tight budget and definitely don't go to the restaurants with your whole tour group.  The former prevents you from going to the best brasseries (that really aren't THAT expensive) and the latter sets you up for pre-made, group friendly food.  Not this time! We indulged in wine, escargot, veal, and tarts - oh my!  Thanks Mom for such a fun trip! 

After leaving Paris (and wiping the tears from our eyes) we returned to Norway, in all its rainy glory.  Mom's last few days were filled with a scenic drive and celebrating Norway's independence.  Happy May 17th Norwegian friends!  And even though it was the coldest May 17th on record, the streets were filled with beautiful bunads-wearing Norwegians and the foreign population tough enough to brave the elements.  Did the weather slow down the locals?  Not one bit - smiles were seen on everyone's faces.

Mom eventually had to return home. And I was sad.  But then Jeff drove me to work amid the fjords and the mountains. And I was a little happier.  I'll live closer to her someday, but for now I'm going to enjoy my time in Norway, rain or shine.  I guess that Norwegian spirit is rubbing off on me after all. 

*Curious about where we ate and we thought of our experience?  I am adding reviews to TripAdvisor with username Audrey B! 


  1. Sounds like you guys had a really great trip! So glad to hear it. Keep the posts coming, I love them!!

    xoxo, Emily

  2. What a great blog post. Made me happy and sad at the same time. I had such a wonderful time. Thank you to you and Jeff for being the such terrific hosts!