Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cooking Up a Storm

Surprise - eating out in Stavanger is expensive.  Even Thai takeout (meals only) can total $50 for the two of us.  Even when we lived in Houston, though, I tried to cook more often than eat out since I believe it's the best way to make sure I (and my family) eat healthier.  Good thing I've always liked to cook.  I thank my mom for the skills and good old fashioned hunger for the motivation.  It's inspiration that is sometimes difficult to come by..

Enter food blogs, my "map" of choice for new recipes!  I know I'm not the first or the last person to look to food blogs for inspiration, but there's a reason why the popular ones are so... popular.  Their recipes are easy to follow, the meals are tested in their own kitchens on their own families, and the writers are funny and endearing.  If it's also healthy, well that's a good bonus.  Here are 5 meals I've made in the past few weeks from two of my favorite blogs.

The Pioneer Woman - Ree is funny. She uses butter in about everything. And she lives in Oklahoma. We are practically best friends (or, we would be if we ever met...)

Pork Chops with Pineapple Fried Rice

BBQ Comfort Meat Balls
Perry's Plate - Natalie knows a thing or two about processed foods and how to avoid them.  She regularly incorporates fresh fruits and/or vegetables into every meal.  Eating healthy can taste great too!

Creamy Spinach and Avocado Pasta

Sweet Potato Foil Packet Tacos

Food blogs are fun to scan, but I still ask my mom for recipes all the time and help on techniques (her white gravy should win awards) as well as my sister (Thai Chicken Tacos anyone?) and friends for their tried-and-true recipes.  I love the sense of community that sharing food creates and meals bring people together, whether hours are spent in the kitchen or not. Now, who's hungry?

PS I'm also expanding into Norwegian inspired dishes - sveler and shrimp sandwiches so far, but I'll leave the lefse and kumle to the professionals...  I'm also sharing things like green bean casserole and smores with my new friends here! 


  1. I love this Audrey... now, if only you were close enough to cook for me :) pioneer woman is awesome.... also smitten kitchen :)

  2. Thanks, Sarah! And Smitten Kitchen is a great one too. Too bad I am intimidated by all things baking because it's easier to share a crumble with people at work than eggplant parmesan.. And maybe someday we will be closer!