Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hardanger Fjord Road Trip

Jeffrey and I have been wanting to explore a different area of Norway for a while and recently took the opportunity to visit the area around the Hardanger Fjord.  Since early June is still not considered summer (a painful realization for me), especially in the mountains, it took a little research to figure out which roads would be open and what activities we would be able to do.  Bad news: we were a little early for guided glacier hiking and Trolltunga.  Good news: roads were open and the forecast called for sunny skies.  Remember Norway's National Tourist Roads?  Well, Roldal, the location of our cabin for the weekend, sits at the intersection of two National Tourist Roads - Hardanger and Ryfylke. I hope these pictures convey the beauty of this region - a truly spectacular weekend filled with...

Clear Blue Fjords

Snow Capped Mountains

Lush Valleys

A Stave Church 

And About A Zillion Waterfalls

That was all in one day, too!  One, glorious day.

Before heading back to Stavanger on Sunday, we drove to a farm in Buer that has a trail leading to an arm of the Folgefonna glacier.  Though it was too early to actually hike ON the glacier, we at least hiked TO it.

We were so glad we made this hike before heading home (especially with the snow slide on the way down - check out the video!).

PS I'm a visual person. Are you?  Well, here's a visual of the routes we took... just in case :)

From Oanes to Roldal - Ryfylke Route

Roundtrip from Roldal along the Hardanger Fjord - Hardanger Route

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Once again a picture/video that makes me very nervous..... I am so glad you didn't' go over the edge. Did Jeff go on the snow slide? Love you guys. Keep sharing the adventures.