Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Weekend BBQ

Turns out, a BBQ in Norway is pretty similar to a BBQ in the states.  My comparison may be a little off as there weren't any Norwegians in attendance... but two BBQers were Scottish. My point is - BBQs are fun no matter where you are!

Our friend's house is just on the other side of the harbor, so Jeff and I walked from our house.  Our neighborhood is bursting with roses!  Naturally, I stopped and smelled them.  Apparently, Jeff found this funny and took pictures.

As we passed the harbor, there was a crowd watching the water.  It wasn't until we were closer that we understood why.  We just never know what to expect on our walks around here...

We definitely need to try this out sometime, thought it's much harder to move across the water than it looks!  Pretty entertaining for all the people watching.  On second thought.. maybe I'll just watch Jeff do it.  We also saw the family of swans that live in the large pond next to the train station!

We finally made it to the BBQ before a search party was sent for us. We dined on hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, salad and corn on the cob (courtesy of our host, Chris); cream-cheese-stuffed-jalapenos-wrapped-in-bacon (courtesy of the Burros) and s'mores (courtesy of Gillian and Steve).  No one had tasted jalapenos prepared like this before and they were a hit, making it totally worth the search at 5 different grocery stores for fresh jalapenos!  My favorite?

The s'mores!  They may be a little messy but they sure are tasty.  Gillian likes them too :)  Too bad this was the last BBQ in Norway for Gillian - she and Steve are moving to Perth!  Guess I'll just have to make my jalapenos when I go visit :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! If not, make a s'more.. it will make it better instantly.

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  1. I thought your neighborhood was beautiful when I was there..... It is even prettier now with all the flowers. Looks like the BBQ was a fun time.