Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pity Party

Though our recent guests (Jeff's parents and our good friend Matt) were welcome distractions for a few weekends, I'm going to give it to you straight..  I am a little put out with my new friend, Norway.

Like any new friendship, we've had our roles to play.  I was the new one in town and Norway introduced me to all these exciting places, promising me that it would fill the void caused by being so far from family and friends.  We both laughed at our different versions of appropriate prices and yummy cuisine.  I justified Norway's cold climate with reasons such as "It's still winter" or "Great excuse to wear my new boots.. again!"

Here's the deal.  It's July and I still wear a sweater AND a jacket 90% of the time because it's either raining or windy while hovering around 55 degrees.  I'm seriously lacking motivation in the kitchen after loads of cooking but still refuse to order takeout because of the outrageous prices. And, speaking of outrageous prices, Jeff and I took 7 pairs of pants to the dry cleaners and walked out with a $200 bill.  $200! I've discovered my Blackberry will never live up to the standards set by my iPhone.  Friends and family?  Still really, really far away.

Phew. Glad I got that out.

It would be really easy to blame this on Norway.  But Norway hasn't lied to me or betrayed me.  Our differences have just become more apparent (this explains most of it).  This happens with friends sometimes, but sometimes the best friendships arise from these circumstances.  So, instead of wishing that Norway was like home, I'll take one day at a time and continue to be grateful for this big adventure (and make a few extra phone calls to you guys back home - I'm homesick for you more than anything!).  Jeffrey and I agree - there are just too many pluses of knowing Norway to focus on what we miss.  What's so bad about a little rain when Europe is right at our fingertips?  Or the high prices when hiking in the mountains or walking along the harbor just outside our house is free?

Pity parties? Who needs 'em!  Well, except just this one...

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  1. EVERYONE deserves a pity party here and there. You would be lying to yourself and all of us if you didn't accept that moving away can be hard at times. But, yes, there is always a silver lining. And we miss you, too!!!!