Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vårlivarden and Skomakarnibbå

We've had quite a few things going on this spring (more on that later!) but we managed to fit a few hikes in when the weather permitted.  After our visit home in March, we took advantage of the long Easter weekend by hiking Vårlivarden.

Of course we brought Pistol with us and the usual provisions - Kvik Lunsj bars (aka Kit Kat bars), PBJs, and apples.  Hiking this early in the season meant that we had to cross over some ice and the air was brisk, but it was a beautiful day for a hike!

We had another long weekend in May (Norway has a TON of national holidays in the spring!) so we took some advice from a fellow expat and drove to Hagalid to hike Skomakarnibbå.  A legend of a shoemaker (the hike's namesake) and his death by falling off of the ledge while watching a wedding procession claims that the outcrop will fall into the fjord if seven sisters marry on the same day.  

The hike starts at a farm, and so many sheep greeted us at the beginning - Pistol wasn't sure what to make of them! We made sure not to get too close because a watchful border collie never let us out of his sight.

This hike goes through woodland, bog, and up cliffs along the 7km trail.  

This hike was fun, but tiring!  I was happy to see those sheep again (Pistol... no so much).

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