Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Long Hiatus

Whew.  Has it really almost been two years since my last post?  The whirlwind of moving back to the states while 7.5 months pregnant, welcoming our baby girl (Britton!) into our lives, and experiencing the first year of motherhood forced me to prioritize what I did in my free time and this blog was pushed to the proverbial back burner.  Also, I wasn't sure if anyone would really be interested in the goings-on of a stay-at-home mom that isn't traipsing around Europe or hiking along the fjords.

A few months ago, I read this poem.  I was listening to a random podcast interview of a poet I had never heard of (not because she isn't famous - I'm just not an avid reader of poetry).  This poem was read aloud during the podcast and has stuck with me.  Not just because it encourages mindfulness, stillness, and curiosity.  Looking at a grasshopper in the middle of a field isn't exciting or particularly noteworthy, but it was intentional.  I want to remember the small moments as well as the big.  So, whether mundane or adventurous, my goal is to document this one wild and precious life of ours.

And to read more poetry by Mary Oliver.

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